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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bible Part 1 (Genesis)

Genesis (Chapter 1 + 2)

In Genesis chapter one we read about the first few days.

We learn that god likes to give one thing two names even if he is the only one who could care at all (light/ day - darkness/night)
We learn that there was already a difference between day and night, even if no stars or anything on the sky was made yet.
We learn that everything was full of water and that he parted the water from the water somehow to create something like a sky.
We learn that in some mysterious way the water could all go to one point without releasing some of it even if EVERYTHING was full of water.
Given all that, we had day and night, the sea and the land. and before anyone could do anything to the land, God created all sorts of plants ready and fully evolved. Also animals where there fully evolved. Notice that all that life was there before there was a sun.
So after all that work he thought, "oops everything will die if there is no sun", so he put the sun, the moon and the little stars on the sky.
Now he was ready to make the birds and the fishes, which he did and he saw that he did a good job.
Then God (who is now more than one because he says "us") make the people. They made a man and a woman.

According to that all the people from today are inbreeds and I wonder why, based on that knowledge, it is forbidden to commit incest (I do not say, incest is a good thing! I just wonder, especially for Americans who think that their nation has a Christian base.).

Anyway, god have a present for the two people they made. They give them the whole earth. They say that the two people are there to rule all animals, eat from all plants that carry fruits and the animals are allowed to only eat green plants. Tigers are animals so also tigers are allowed to only eat green plants, as well as wolves and sharks and bears and.... well you get the clue.

In Genesis chapter two we get confused

Well we already know that there is life on earth and chapter two starts with the seventh day. We learn that the seventh day is holy, a day to rest, because God rests on that day, too.
But then it suddenly says that no plants could grow because everything was dry. But he made life on day 3 and 4 so... ... well but who cares, we are good Christians and we do not question such things.
It says there that it came wet through the earth so that plants could grow and also that god now made a man from clay and he blew into it's nostrils to give him life.
So somehow he created the man, and only the man, before the animals while we just learned that he created people after the animals... hm.... whatever we are good Christians, we do not questions such things.
He put that man into the east of the world that is kind of a ... disk
He let trees grow and he put the forbidden tree in the middle.
He told the man that he is not allowed to eat from the forbidden tree because that would be his death sentence. The forbidden tree is called "The tree of knowledge of good and evil". So God does not want the man to know the difference between good and evil but he expects him to do good. Well, who cares, we are good Christians, we do not questions such things.

We already learned in chapter one that the animals were on earth before the people but now we learn that until now only the plants and the man where there. Because now God wants to make the man less lonely by making animals for him. But nothing was a good partner for the man so God had a great idea.

Somehow he knocked the man out to perform surgery on him. He took one of his rips out and filled that spot with meat.
From that rip he made a woman. So the rip must have been huge. Maybe it was really a good thing to get that huge rip out of the man.
Even if God used a rip and no meat to make the woman, the man says that this is made of his leg and his meat and has to be called woman.
Oh, and even if he never knew something like a father or mother because he was created and he has never been a child, he also talks about them in the end of chapter two.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is a woman in Iran who was sentenced to death for adultery.

Let's have a look at this case:

So there is a country that still has the death sentence. And adultery is one of the crimes you can die for.
Apart from the fact that no one has the right to kill anyone, how can adultery be such a bad crime as to stone someone to death for it?
And VERY important about this are two things:
  • This woman was raped
  • This woman was treated like a witch in medieval times. She was tortured over 90 times until she finally confessed.
IF she'd really have committed a crime, she would have confessed it much faster, because no one would go through such torture just because.
No, this woman obviously thought that if she can take it just long enough, they will stop torturing and treat her fair. But they didn't and so she made it stop by confessing. And she pays for it with her life!

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani comes from a country that has Islamic leaders. And as everyone who gets informed about things knows, that in the Islam a woman is not worth much.
If a woman gets raped in this faith system it was her fault. There is no way that it was also or only the man's fault. Because the woman has to take care that no man but her husband sees enough of her to like her. She has to hide her body and face due to that. And SHE obviously did something wrong if a man liked/wanted her!
Sounds so logical and fair, doesn't it?
So the woman gets raped and it is her crime and she would be traumatized for life even IF it would be possible to get her out of it.
Not only the rape, which is already a big deal and a reason to be traumatized.
Also that EVERYONE around her obviously thinks that it is her fault and she can do nothing about it.
Also that other then running away and hiding or going to another country there is no way to escape bad looks, bad talking, cursing.
She will always be the whore, the bitch, the woman who made a man want her.
A woman in a country like Iran has usually no own money so she can't even go and get a ticket to leave.
She will have to worry for her physical health maybe even for her life once she is back at her family. Because, let's not forget that there are honour killings and this woman brought shame over her family.

So what is better for her? Taking the barbaric death penalty of getting stoned to death or getting free by some miracle but having to deal with all the problems that would come with it.

Give fairness a chance and ban religion from government once and for all!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Leaving a religion

continuing from the last entry "Sliding into a religion"

So how to get out.
Sometimes not so easy.

There are two ways:
-> The way to just leave and break contacts and simply be never seen again.
-> The way to kind of fade away nearly unnoticed

The second way is not possible in many cases. Because people will try to frighten the person who wants to leave. And don't think "if you wanna leave, just do it". It is not that easy.
You are in there. You totally have some weird dogma and rules in your head. And even if all those things are wrong in your opinion, you can't just rip those things off, that have been hammered into you for a long time.
So sometimes a person gets frightened, let's have a look at those scary things:
  • "If you leave you can never come back!"
    Yes, this is frightning, because you made friends and don't wanna disappoint them. Also if you chose to leave now and find out that you were wrong you will have a problem.
  • "If you want to leave you have to go now!"
    Yes this is frightning, because most likely you did not intend to leave NOW but organize some stuff so everything is ready to leave. Like finding an apartment and job in another city, get in contact with old friends and your family, etc.
  • "You can't leave once you joined us. We are going to find you and bring you back!"
    Yes, you might have signed something, and they really might try to find you and bring you back. And once you are back, your life will be a mess. Noone will treat you like before because you became the black sheep.
  • "You can't leave once you joined us. We are going to lock you up so you can't go!"
    Some really f***ed up organizations do that so you will just say that you have to think about it a bit longer and you WILL freaking leave without telling them a word!
I am sure there are more things they can say and scare the sh** out of you but the point is. They frighten you because by leaving you frighten them.
You have your reasons why you want to leave.
You have intern informations.
You might try to convince other members to leave.
You might try to get public to convince many people to never join in the first place
You are no longer paying into their pockets.
IF they do illegal things you might even go to the police with prove.

So what should you do in the case that you can't just fade away unnoticed?
  1. You are not going to tell anyone that you intend to leave! Not even your "best friend".
  2. If you have to fear the group once you left, your very fist destination will be a police station! You have to explain the situation and not make it sound less.
  3. You are not going to pack many bags when you leave! Just take your passport if you have acces to it and the most important papers like drivers license, birth certificate, etc
  4. Once you are out and you talked to the police (if that was nessesary) you are going to call people you trust, like old friends or your family or a church if you are religious...
  5. If you have children, you are not going to tell them beforehand. You will just take them at some point, say you make a trip or something, and go. If you tell them before, they might tell it to someone, don't forget they might still be very brainwashed.
  6. If you have a partner who does not want to leave, you will not tell him that you do. You can get in contact with him once you are out and safe.
This sounds a little dramatic but often enough it is that dramatic.
Of course noone will scare you that bad if you just leave catholic church or so. But well there are enough sick religious movements around that will get heavy on you.

So, no matter how bad they will act on you, once you decided to leave, you are going to do it. You will not care about hurting anyone and you will not look back. If you are not very sure you want to leave, don't, because that is a weakness they will use to get you back.
If you are sure, there is nothing that can hold you anymore.
If there are things you are in charge of, don't care about it. Don't try to get everything in order before you leave. That gives others signs and you might be observed (depending on what religious movement you are in)
They will deal with it when they see that no matter what they do, they can not get you back.