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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is a woman in Iran who was sentenced to death for adultery.

Let's have a look at this case:

So there is a country that still has the death sentence. And adultery is one of the crimes you can die for.
Apart from the fact that no one has the right to kill anyone, how can adultery be such a bad crime as to stone someone to death for it?
And VERY important about this are two things:
  • This woman was raped
  • This woman was treated like a witch in medieval times. She was tortured over 90 times until she finally confessed.
IF she'd really have committed a crime, she would have confessed it much faster, because no one would go through such torture just because.
No, this woman obviously thought that if she can take it just long enough, they will stop torturing and treat her fair. But they didn't and so she made it stop by confessing. And she pays for it with her life!

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani comes from a country that has Islamic leaders. And as everyone who gets informed about things knows, that in the Islam a woman is not worth much.
If a woman gets raped in this faith system it was her fault. There is no way that it was also or only the man's fault. Because the woman has to take care that no man but her husband sees enough of her to like her. She has to hide her body and face due to that. And SHE obviously did something wrong if a man liked/wanted her!
Sounds so logical and fair, doesn't it?
So the woman gets raped and it is her crime and she would be traumatized for life even IF it would be possible to get her out of it.
Not only the rape, which is already a big deal and a reason to be traumatized.
Also that EVERYONE around her obviously thinks that it is her fault and she can do nothing about it.
Also that other then running away and hiding or going to another country there is no way to escape bad looks, bad talking, cursing.
She will always be the whore, the bitch, the woman who made a man want her.
A woman in a country like Iran has usually no own money so she can't even go and get a ticket to leave.
She will have to worry for her physical health maybe even for her life once she is back at her family. Because, let's not forget that there are honour killings and this woman brought shame over her family.

So what is better for her? Taking the barbaric death penalty of getting stoned to death or getting free by some miracle but having to deal with all the problems that would come with it.

Give fairness a chance and ban religion from government once and for all!

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