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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bible argument

"Did you even read the bible?"

If you as atheist talk to a christian you might hear sentences like that.
Well when I speak for myself I must answer with "well, not the whole bible but enough". This is my opinion just like the other person's opinion is that I have to read the bible even if I do not accept the concept of a god and religion.

When I have a discussion with someone, I talk in a way the other person understands AND accepts.
So if I talk to a christian about a christian topic I will use bible quotes, as the bible is accepted as god's word. Also I will talk about the dayly life of a christian including church services, praying, dogma, rules, reasoning, etc. With the person I will talk about the symbols in the text, the message between the lines and other things. I would also include something like that "it says in the bible this, science said that" and I will find out with that person and based on the person's believes what is more likely.

But the problem in most of these discussions is, that the christian will not use science or logical thoughts when they talk to you. They will talk about religious things only or they twist scientific facts in a weird way so it fits sooomehooow into their believe system.

As I got very tired of "Did you even read the bible?" I decided to read it from the beginning to the end. And I will take you with me on my journey.
Just a little information, I use a catholic bible. Telling you that, because there are slight differences between the bibles (orthodox, catholic, protestian).

So if you are interested in the bible follow the bible series on this blog.
If not, ignore that and read the other things.

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