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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The three questions

"What is God? Why do you believe in him? Why should anybody else believe in him?"
(Atheist Experience)

These three questions should be easy to answer for a believer. But for some reason it's not. Let's look at the standard answers:

Who / What is God?
  • God is my father in heaven.
    If God is your father in heaven, then who is your mother in heaven? And why are they in heaven and not here at your side? And what / where is heaven anyway?
  • God is love!
    So God is an emotion? In the bible he caused so much trouble, pain, and hate but he is love?
  • God is everything we can't explain and don't know!
    So a few hundred years ago, we couldn't explain what a lightning is. So was God a lightning? We didn't know how rain starts so God was the cause. Today we discovered those two things, so is God now two things less? Is he going to melt away by all the things we discover? What happens at the point we know everything and can explain everything?
  • God is our creator
    Please read about biology, physics, and chemistry

Why do you believe in God?
  • I had an experience!
    Mostly the described experiences are easily explained with a bit of knowledge on topics like "Psychology", "Medicine", "Science"
  • God answers my prayers!
    "Please let me pass that test" If you pass it was God help, if you don't you didn't study enough. Sounds logical to me.
  • I saw God / I can feel God!
    Sorry man, you are delusional. If you would say "I saw the flying spaghetti monster, it touched my hand" you would go straight to a doctor, but not if you say that it was God.
  • Because I believe in the bible, Gods word!
    The bible was not written by God. It was written by people who did not understand some things in their time so they said that a God did it. That happened in many other religions, too but that is another topic and will be discussed another time.
  • Because I don't want to go to hell!
    You base your believe on the existance of a hell, that is not even really made by god but invented by believers. Invented just like the demons around the fallen angel who is sitting in hell between flames. Best you research the topic "Satan" and after some time you will see that it is not, what you have been taught.

Why should anyone believe in God?
  • Because he made everything!
    Yeah, I know that one. "Look at the trees and the complexity of the human eye and ... oh my god the banana, it fits in your hand and your mouth!" - Again, please start reading.
  • Because if not, you go to hell!
    But what if you don't believe in a hell? Why should you believe then?

In the end, after getting the "answers" I still have no clue.
So if any Monotheist (a believer in a one and only god) reads this, I would be glad to get an answer.
If you don't wanna post it here, just send me a mail to clos3rlook[at]gmail[dot]com

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