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Saturday, June 25, 2011

becoming freethinker

This is part 2 of 2.

I do this for two groups of people out there:
Group one: Those who are not sure if it is ok to think outside religious dogma.
Group two: Religious people who honestly want to know how someone can be honest and moral etc without religion.

As you saw from part one of this little series it is a long way to free yourself. Religious brainwashing sits deep. This religious brainwashing makes you think - let's say - "unfree".
And you have to free yourself, you have to start questioning things you never thought about, you have to look at things from a different angle.

What? How?

Well maybe start with reading the scripture that used to be the base of your faith from cover to cover. Research the "facts" in that scripture. Don't be happy with what you know already, go through it again.

Being a freethinker is not only about religion of course. But starting with your old scriptures is a good starter because this is what dictated you for a long time and without looking over it critically you can't make a real opinion about moral, social structures, politics, right, wrong, laws, etc.
You will start looking at todays life, you will find your own definition of moral, right, wrong and other things.
Don't think it is a process of one or two weeks. It takes years.

From my experience (because this is how the series started):

From a very early age my mother let me decide a lot of things. Like what relion I want to have, later it was what school I want to attend, and other more or less important things. When I had questions they got answered or I got pointed to the answer so I would have to figure it out on my own.

Not only that, I had to make some big desicions about my life all the way. Just to name a few:
When I was 11 I decided where to live, mother or father.
When I was 15 I got my mom to bring my brothers to my father cause he could deal with them better.
When I was 18 I kicked out my brother from home.

I never did these things to hurt someone and all the things I decided resulted in an improvement of living quality. Sometimes, even at only 15 years old, I would maybe pressure my mother, my brother, friends to do something but in the end they always saw it was a good thing.

Like kicking out my brother who made life for us too hard, he lied and drank and took drugs and would never never listen to what my mother says, and when he came back one night aggressive, fighting and talking about the gun he had hidden and then left because my mother got angry about that, that is when I packed his things and told him to leave once he came back, while my mother sat there in shock not being sure. BUT it helped us all. My brother very soon understood and changed, my mother got more relaxed and I had peace too.

So I was risen a religios freethinker if you want. The brain works very complicated. You put religion and the hole god thing into another "box".
So from the beginning, thinking for myself, deciding a lot of important things for me and with my family made me very sceptical and curios.

Learning and reading are good things, you grow on the things you understand. And starting to talk to others, really listening, really discussing things makes you think more and more on your own. You get to have real opinions, not dictated from someone or something (like an old scripture).

If something is still unclear, feel free to comment or send me a mail to: clos3rlook(at)gmail(dot)com

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