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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Run For Life

On 2nd July 2011 there is a "Run For Life". People will run against abortion.

There are such runs every now and then, for cancer, aids, poor people, and lots of other things.
Raise awareness, yes. But raise it in the right way!

Why would you run against abortion?
I would rather run for it...

Here a bit of brainstorming:

Contra abortion:
  • Seeing the cells that are evolving into a baby as life already and therefore seeing an abortion as murder.
  • Give the unwanted kid a future in a family that will be happy to have a baby because they can't have one naturally.
Pro abortion:
  • Forcing a woman that does not want a baby (for whatever reason) may result in a crime. Thinking about dead babies in bushes and trash cans here.
  • Having abortion illegal helps a black market for illegal abortions or having people simply abort in another country.
  • Some woman may have to carry out a child from a rape. This will damage her psychological for a long time, being reminded of that bad crime that happened to her for 9 month continuously.
  • Some people might not be ready to it, bouncing back to the rape, which also happens to younger women teens or girls, some get pregnant, but their bodies are not ready to carry out a baby, so a birth or even just letting it grow inside might be a hight risk.
  • Scared women who life with abusive partners or families, have to hide the pregnancy and once it is not possible anymore they might just abort the baby themselve, of course under high risk again, but if you are scared out of your mind you will do such things.
  • Baby stays in the family but feels it is not wanted, not loved, abused.
  • Carrying out a baby that will have huge defects that will make it unable to ever life an own life and stay dependent for ever might be worse than not being born at all.

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