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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Militant Atheism

What comes to my mind when I read the title "militant atheism"?
  • a lot of arguing
  • never being able to listen and/or shut up for a minute
  • constantly bragging about your disbeliefe
  • trying to convince people
I must say, I do not like this.
Why are there so many people who can't control their urge to babble on?
You can never help someone into reason by ignoring their concerns, thoughts, teachings. Even if you have been at the very same point, you are not inside that persons head. You may know their answers in advance, you may know a lot, but you will not help anyone by cutting into a sentence, by getting loud in your argument, by throwing numbers and facts in their faces, by being in anyway aggressive.
Just think how you would react if some religious person would act like that towards you. You'd shut down immediately and get pretty angry for sure.

If you do have the urge to "convert" people into atheism then get down to their level no matter how ridiculous it seems to you.
Reason inside their believe system, question inside their horizon.
There are so many simple things inside their own teachings, that you can point out already without adding all your own stuff. So start small, and IF (yes only IF) you find a little hole of doubt in them you can use that but don't try to stab them. It is no use, you will get frustrated and they just shut down.

I for my part do not try to make someone an atheist. I am happy that I am out of religion and I am happy that, where I live, I can't be harmed for my disbelieve. If people ask me about my opinion or views on religious topics I make clear that I do not believe and that is normally enough.
I answer but I do not force anything on anyone.

There is a fine line between being honest and being a missionary. Think about it.

And here the video that inspired this post:

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  1. That was an eye opening blog and podcast. I noticed that there is some of the "Militant Atheism" in our forum.Some of the posts seemed to be so intellectual that it made no sense at all to me. But I am not a scientist.I learned when I was a Christian that a few simple and easy to understand words had far more impact than trying to quote the whole bible.