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Sunday, November 6, 2011


  • A philosophy about life?
  • A form of atheism?
  • Hatred against Jahwe (the god of the bible)?
  • A form of rebellion?
  • Black magic?
  • Dangerous?
  • CoS (Church of Satan)

To get into it we need a basis and a few facts:
Satanism got it's name back in the times when christianity started rising.
The name "Satanism" has a long story. In short, a few stories got confused and mixed up in a weird way (greek myth about Helios, the fallen angel / angel got thrown out of heaven, the morning star in Isaiah/Bible).
So back then there was christianity starting to rise, and everyone who did not believe in christianity or dared to question something were said to be Satanist. So at this time Satan was the opposite of Jahwe (the god of the bible) if you want. So if you did not follow Jahwe you automatically were said to follow Satan. All kinds of things were made up, always pretty much the opposite of what was meant to be good and christian > black messes, demons, rituals, to name a few.

So for a long long time this is what was said to be Satanism and of course during trial there were forced confessions that underlined all this so after some time people did believe it.
But we don't want to forget, at this point, that it only started with people who simply didn't believe / questioned the belief.

So what is Satanism?

Actually there is no real Satanism. Yes, I dare say that. Why? I met so many people who told me they were Satanists. I am not judgemental and I never was, so I asked what exactly they believed AND I listened carefully.

So we go with the list from the top:

  • Philosophy about life
    Everyone is "their own god" meaning embrace yourself. Question everything, don't follow blindly. Do what you want as long as you don't hurt anyone. Stay within the laws. Follow your dreams and your own targets. Take what you need / want. Don't care about what others think / say.
  • Some kind of atheism
    A bit like what was mentioned above but with the strong "there is no god" mixed into it.
  • Hatred against Jahwe
    Mostly people who are or used to be christians. Who got disappointed in some way. The community / church / priest / the bible / god didn't help / praying didn't work / lost someone important / lost something important / etc.
    Ending up with a statement of hate against the god of the bible, turning the back on it and following Satan who seems more real.
  • A form of rebellion
    Being different is something many people want and need. And especially want to show. Shocking people with "I am Satanist" and showing that one is different. Often this is gets really dangerous, depending on the people you get in touch with.
  • Black magic
    No. Black magic is something different. There is no direct connection to satanism. There are people who call themselfes Satanist and "do" black magic as well as the other way around but not every Satanist is into black or any magic.
  • Dangerous
    There are in fact some cults out there that are very dangerous and call themselfes Satanists. Those who actually kill and hurt people and animals, who do perform all kinds of rituals, who do illegal things.
  • CoS
    Actually believe in the real existance of Satan. They do have a book just like the bible, they preach and you can actually be an official member.

So, there is no definition of Satanism that just fits.
Sorry to disappoint.

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